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A home school tutor will support your child’s learning

Home School Tutor

‘Home schooling’ is the current buzzword for families in the UK.

Households up and down the country are getting to grips with their children learning at home while the majority of schools are shut.

However, home schooling in London, the UK and around the world has been an option for many years. It has been a happy choice for lots of families who wish to keep their children out of the main school system. This may be because of illness, learning differences, family situations, or simply the parents’ choice.

We have years of experience supporting families who are home schooling their children. Drawing on our pool of exceptional private tutors, we can create a timetable (which would be online tutoring while we are social distancing) that will support and nurture a child for as long as is needed. 

How can a home school tutor help my child?

Students studying for public exams such as GCSEs and A levels are private or external candidates in the eyes of the exam boards. This means there may be some restrictions on which syllabi he or she can study. We will review a specification and speak to exam centres to ensure the entry arrangements are correct. This safeguard against any confusion come exam day. 

A home school tutor will also write references for UCAS applications and provide predicted grades. This will ensure that A level students aren’t disadvantaged when applying for a university place.

Working with a home school tutor is also a popular option if a student is looking to retake a GCSE exam. Retaking A levels is common: lessons are scheduled around work or other studies. A students’ weak areas are targeted to ensure no time is wasted. 

Online tutoring has always been an option. In the current climate, all our private tutors are teaching online to keep themselves and their students safe. 

We are very happy to talk through options and what is possible if you are thinking about a home school tutor for your child. Do call or email us.

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