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How EAL tuition can support learners

EAL tuition

Supporting learners with English as an additional language is a common tuition request.

EAL learners are a large and diverse group of people in the UK and vary greatly in age and needs. Bilingualism is a sought after skill in the workplace with many people keen to improve upon their English to enhance their job prospects. Students frequently need to boost their English level to sit exams and settle into school life.

How can tuition help EAL learners?

One to one tuition provides focused support for learners, enabling them to develop the areas of English in which they struggle in a calm and supportive way. Having a tutor means that the student can go at their own pace which isn’t always possible in a classroom environment. EAL students need thinking time to process both what they hear, say and write down.

Tutors will speak slowly and clearly, sometimes with exaggerated facial expressions and will point at key words to help students. Students will work through material that is appropriate for their level.

Crucially, tutors are there to also build a student’s confidence as they navigate through new material and build upon their existing knowledge in a fully supported way. 

Our EAL tutors frequently tutor students who need to sit exams, such as school entrance exams and those sitting the IELTS exam. Tutors can also assist with business English, elocution, and cultural trips in and around London.

If you would like more information on how we can help you with EAL tuition please do get in touch.

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