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Seedlings Wellbeing: The true value of a wellbeing curriculum and wellbeing aware lifestyle

Seedlings Wellbeing

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week run by the children’s mental health charity Place2Be, which focuses on the importance of looking after our emotional wellbeing from a early age.

As both parents and educators, we at Osborne Cawkwell Tuition are always keen to explore resources and techniques to help our young people build self esteem and feel good about themselves. In support of Children’s Mental Health Week, we are shining a light on the work of one forward-thinking mother of two, Julia Karnacz, who is developing an online bespoke wellbeing service to enable families to incorporate the positive benefits of yoga and mindfulness into our children’s daily lives.

I knew Julia several years ago as an outstanding early years teacher in one of London’s top prep schools. As a qualified yoga instructor she now incorporates yoga and mindfulness techniques into bespoke programmes for children. She will be launching a bespoke online service for families later this year, but here is a taster of what she will be offering.

Imagine if you were given tools as a child that helped you in challenging times. Imagine a world where everyone had self-awareness and was in tune with their body and their mind. It would be a wonderful place wouldn’t it?

Life is always going to be filled with a colourful tapestry of experiences; positive and negative and yet very little is taught to our children about how to manage difficult times. With the alarming statistic of 1:5 children under 16 suffering with mental health issues, the NHS support system is struggling to cope and waiting lists for support are at a minimum of 9 months and that is on a good day!

With a few simple steps we could teach children how to manage difficult times effectively themselves.

A regular yoga practice is so much more than a little bit of stretching. Yoga brings a calmness and sense of wellbeing. Meditation (mindfulness) is proven to help children with reactive behaviour offering opportunity for reflection.

At Seedlings Wellbeing we are passionate about the importance of developing skills for life. Arming children with an emotional toolkit, using breathwork, yoga and mindfulness and developing skills that they can use anytime. A stressful exam, revision, parental separation, bereavement are just a few of many examples.

Giving children coping mechanisms is the tip of the iceberg.

A wellbeing programme and the skills that are developed are life-long. Being able to read and respond to one’s stress signals enables children to have an in depth understanding of themselves which in turn can inform their choices. Learning to tune in and notice and respond would also make for much healthier individuals mentally and physically.

So, how do we make this knowledge accessible to children? Seedlings holiday workshops offer a fantastic grounding as do our 1:1 sessions and school curriculum programmes.

However, we believe in reaching out to everybody and that is why we have created:

Seedlings Wellbeing ‘Here and Now’ – Our on demand online services to be launched in May 2020.

The online subscription allows families everywhere to support their children physical and emotional health. Whether it be a weekly practice you are looking for or during a specific time our sessions are for children of all ages and needs.

Contact us for more information:




“Julia has been working with my son for over a year and I have no intention to stop! The sessions have helped Harry so much. He is able to focus on his homework easily, he is calmer and less reactive and as a result the household feel so much happier – we are so grateful and totally sold! Harry looks forward to seeing her each week and finishes the hour- refreshed, calm and very happy! Highly recommend to all parents!”

“We initially contacted Julia to help our daughter with her anxiety, however, we have continued as Lorna gets so much out of her weekly slot. School have noticed a marked improvement in confidence as we feel so happy as we see her blossom in lots of ways. A BIG thank you to Seedlings!”

“Our son had some problems with his handwriting and school became a challenge for him. We are working with Julia using yoga for his core strength and also working on his confidence using various techniques such as breathing. We have seen such progress and he is much more content and happy day to day. He loves how fun and playful the lessons are and recently came home after a tricky playdate telling me about how he had used ‘snake breath’ to help him to not get too upset when the child wouldn’t play nicely.

We love that the lessons teach real life skills that M can use day to day. The bespoke handwriting programme is just brilliant. We very much recommend. Thank you Julia!”

“Julia is gentle, kind and knowledgeable. With her flexible methods she is able to apply the right ones to the appropriate circumstances to help build resilience and strength” “….Our children attend the holiday workshops regularly and totally love them!”

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