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Interview with Adele Hawkes – Positive Psychology Coach

Interview with Adele Hawkes Positive Psychology Coach

Adele Hawkes is a Positive Psychology Coach who empowers people to capitalise on their strengths, build emotional intelligence and create a happy and successful life.

She’s also passionate about addressing young people’s self-confidence and resilience.

We talk about the following:

00:11 – What is Positive Psychology?

01:47 – What does a Positive Psychology Coach do?

08:06 – What would a typical session look like?

11:08 – How can we highlight character strengths in young people?

12:47 – What are some tips and techniques for how to increase mental well-being in young people?

To connect with Adele Hawkes, or to work with her, head over to: https://www.adelehawkes.com/


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