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Tips for studying during the Christmas holidays

Tips for studying during the Christmas holidays

The Christmas holidays are about to start, yipee!

Whilst the focus is obviously on having an extremely well-deserved break, it is also a great time to sneak in a bit of revision to ensure you are up to date for the start of the spring term.

Take a look at some of our practical tips to on how to effectively study over Christmas:

A change of scene does wonders…

When Christmas is in full swing, with a house full of people, lights and decorations, it can be quite difficult to concentrate. So how about taking a trip to a library, gallery or museum study area which is calm and quiet?

A little bit here and there helps…

Most of us will do a bit of travelling over the Christmas period. So whether it’s during a car journey, on a train or plane, do a little bit of work. You’ll be surprised how quickly half an hour here and there adds up. It will also break up a long journey, especially if you get delayed. Fingers crossed!

Move about more…

Exercise does wonders to refresh your mind and improve your memory making it easier to retain the information you are learning or revising. So whilst you have ample opportunity, get out there and go for a walk.

Don’t pile on the pressure…

It’s really important to have a break over the holidays, so while you should try to revise here and there, don’t let it interfere with family plans or having fun over the festive season. Doing even small amounts over the break will stand you in good stead for the start of the new year.

Rewards for revision…

Christmas is a great time to put a reward system in place that really works. Set yourself attainable targets and build in rewards when you complete tasks – a mince pie here, a chocolate there. (Make sure to read above about exercise though!)

Have a wonderful Christmas from all at Osborne Cawkwell.

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