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How to write a killer tutor CV

How to write a killer tutor CV

We see a lot of CV’s every week from wonderful people applying to tutor through us. So what makes a fab tutor CV? Here are a few pointers, so get applying – we are recruiting for the new academic year!


Don’t be shy, tell us EVERYTHING

We are looking to get a great overview of your background, work history, education and tutoring experience, so please make sure you include as much detail as possible. For example, we would like to see your full work history and any additional courses you have been on; if you have tutored for the common entrance exams, please do tell us which exams and for which schools; it’s also a great help if you can tell us which exam boards and modules you have experience with if you teach GCSE or A level.

Give brief case studies

We and our clients are interested in hearing about your previous tutoring experience so tell us a little bit about some of the students you’ve taught for each of the subjects you mention. Let us know how you’ve helped them and if they achieved their target grade with your assistance.

Include previous testimonials

If you have references from parents of previous students please do include them. We are keen to see as much feedback as possible about their experience with you as a tutor. Please try to ensure that your testimonials are recent and reflect the subjects you would like to tutor.

When applying:

Give us an idea of your availability

It really helps us if you are clear from the start about how much availability you have to tutor. This will help us if we take you on with a specific job in mind and will also help plan our ongoing recruitment for your subjects. We only take new tutors on if we think we can give you work.

Include your contact details

We will need your telephone number, email address and home address. It’s really important that we can contact you as quickly as possible if we have a potential job for you, so make sure your details are up to date. We also need to know where you’re based in order to send you the most appropriately located students.

How can I apply to tutor through Osborne Cawkwell Tuition?

Please follow this link to our website where you can find further information and a downloadable application form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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