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Top 5 podcasts to help boost your mental health

Top 5 Podcasts To Help Boost Your Mental Health

Podcasts have been one of the single most important catalysts for change in my life.

Podcasts have taken long train journeys, slow work days and boring housework and transformed them into opportunities to laugh, learn and feel inspired.

So with that in mind, here are my top 5 podcasts to help boost mental health:     

1) The Joe Rogan Experience

What started out as just a bunch of mates talking about anything from martial arts to conspiracy theories, has now evolved into one of the most important sources of intellectual discourse and self-improvement out there. Not specifically a mental health podcast, but the overarching theme is self-improvement and how we can become the best version of ourselves.  

I highly recommend going on YouTube and typing in some of his best guests e.g. “Ari Shaffir” or “Duncan Trussell” followed by the word “depression”, and you’ll get some of the most honest and interesting perspectives on mental health and how they deal with it. Parental discretion is advised! 😉

2) Achieve Your Goals With Hal Elrod

Hal’s got an incredible story; he was hit by a car at a young age and survived against all odds, only to go on to get cancer, and survive that too! He’s an inspirational guy and he hosts a variety of different inspirational guests. This is one of the biggest resources for getting your life back on track.

3) The Mental Illness Happy Hour 

If you like hearing funny stories about mental health, this is the one for you! Paul Gilmartin is a stand up comedian and mental health advocate. His podcast brings you a selection of guests from perhaps the most neurotic group of people on the planet, comedians!! Their stories are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but the overall theme is that not only can mental health problems be managed, but you can even have a laugh about it! I highly recommend the episode with Maria Bamford.

4) The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Lewis a bit dry for my liking (and the music is TERRIBLE!), but he does have some fantastic guests on who have some really inspiring stories to tell. More of a personal development/motivational/sort your life out sort of podcast. However, it’s a fantastic resource that’s certainly given me a kick up the bum and got me out of a rut on more than one occasion.

5) That’s Deep Bro 

Last, but not least, Christina Pazsitsky, successful comedian and wife of Tom Segura (of Joe Rogan fame) talks all things mental health and philosophy. She’s had a pretty extensive history of mental health problems herself. This podcast is partly her coming to terms with her own struggles, and partly helping listeners who email in with their problems. I like the mix of philosophy and psychology that she brings, and her raw honesty is refreshing.

That should be more than enough hours there to keep you going for a good year or two! If you don’t know where to start, just YouTube the name of the podcast, followed by whatever your thing is. E.g. “Joe Rogan Motivation” or “That’s Deep Bro Anxiety” and you should find something useful. Enjoy!

Dan Licence



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