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Calmer Easier Happier Screen Time with Noel Janis Norton

calmer easier happier screen time with Noel Janis Norton

We all love looking at screens (you’re looking at one now!), but for young people, too much screen time can be damaging to their mental and physical health.


We’re joined here today by learning and behaviour specialist, Noel Janis Norton to discuss the potential dangers of too much screen time and what strategies we can use to keep our children safe online.

Noel answers the following questions:

0:13 – Why is it important to limit screen time?
1:35 – Does spending too much time on screens affect a young person’s development?
2:05 – How much is too much?
7:00 – When it is too much, how do you limit usage?
7:50 – What impact can cyberbullying have and how can we help manage it?
13:00 – How can we protect children online, and what are some strategies to help with this?

If you would like to know more, you can buy Noel’s book, Calmer Easier Happier Screen Time, on amazon.co.uk You can also follow her on Twitter @calmerparenting

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