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Harnessing technology for Dyslexics

Harnessing Technology for Dyslexics

Osborne Cawkwell’s evening with The McLeod Centre for Learning and Connections in Mind (CiM)


Last Tuesday, we were delighted to co-host an information evening on ‘Harnessing Technology for Dyslexics’ presented by Caroline Bateman of Achieve Now.

The evening, held at the McLeod Centre for Learning in Pimlico, was attended by a variety of experts in the field of SEND education including Educational and Clinical Psychologists, specialist teachers and SENDCos. It was a great opportunity for all of us working in the world of SEND support to meet face-to-face over a glass of wine or two, to discuss our work and how we can best support our students. Many colleagues were interested in our collaborative work with The Mcleod Centre for Learning Centre and Connections in Mind (CiM): the training and support we offer tutors gives them the insight and skills required to support SEND students in their academic studies.

The evening started with a warm welcome and introductions from Amanda McLeod, Imogen Moore of CiM and Lucy Cawkwell. Our keynote speaker, Caroline Bateman of Achieve Now, then provided useful insight into how technology can be a vital resource for dyslexics and students struggling with reading. She explained that many students, including her own children, can struggle to access the curriculum until they are shown simple, computer-based solutions for accessing text. Her ideas included using the Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, available on nearly all digital devices, which reads aloud digital text, and a myriad of other useful links to websites and resources.

Caroline then provided workshops throughout the evening on specific topics including technology resources for helping with note taking; preparing for spelling tests; revising and improving exam results and so on. Further information on the technology-based training and resources Caroline provides for schools, parents and students can be found at: www.achievenow.org.uk.

Finally, it was a most enjoyable evening and a huge thank you is extended to The McLeod Centre for Learning for hosting such a successful and informative evening.

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