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Vlog: The Happy Kitchen With Rachel Kelly

Vlog: The Happy Kitchen with Rachel Kelly

What foods can students eat to help with depression? Can we harness the power of nutrition to combat exam nerves?

From healthy guts to healthy minds, Rachel talks to us about all of this and more in our latest interview.


00:22 – Rachel’s history with depression
03:30 – How she came to write The Happy Kitchen
05:18 – Foods to eat for depression
09:05 – Foods to eat for exam nerves/anxiety
11:57 – Inflammation and its effect on mental health
16:38 – Tips on how to start a diet
18:31 – More information on The Happy Kitchen

The Happy Kitchen is available at Waterstones, Amazon.co.uk or Rachel’s website at rachel-kelly.net

You can also follow her on Twitter @RachelKellyNet where she posts a variety of information about mental health issues.

For more information, head over to our blog, where I’ve written about some of Rachel’s golden rules for optimum mental health

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