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Top Tips for Summer Learning

Top Tips for Summer Learning

The summer holidays are upon us again, so how can you ensure your child still does something vaguely productive with their six weeks of freedom? Here are our top tips on how to successfully keep learning over the summer holidays:

Relax aaaand breathe!

Now that school has finished, why not encourage your child to delve into a subject they’re really interested in? They can explore and learn lots without the pressure of school deadlines and word counts. Being relaxed is the best time for learning new things as your child is likely to take in more information and really enjoy what they are discovering.

A day trip here, a day trip there

The summer holidays are the perfect time to go off and explore new (and old) places to pique your child’s interest in learning. There’s nothing better than a learning experience that will engage their senses and whether it’s castles, national parks, art galleries or museums, there are tons of places out there – and a lot of them are free.

A window of opportunity

Whilst the summer holidays are mostly for kicking back and relaxing, for some students it is also a golden opportunity to to go over anything they didn’t understand or remember well from the previous academic year. Many students find the summer holidays a great help because if they do a bit of work over the whole period, they feel confident and prepared for the start of the new term. So, students, rack your brains: what could you swat up on to put you at an advantage next year?!

Ommmmm Ommmmm

To truly relax this summer, why not encourage your child to take up meditation or mindfulness exercises? Meditation is believed to enhance students’ learning abilities, such as concentration and focus, and also helps them manage stress. Mindfulness exercises are especially useful during an examination year to help students feel calm and in control.

Whatever your plans this summer, we hope that this academic year has been a successful one for your child and if we can be of any further assistance we are open throughout the summer holidays.


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