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Fun Educational Apps for teenagers!


A few weeks ago we gave you a selection of fun, educational apps that little ones could use outside of the classroom. Now it’s time for the older ones!

It seems teenagers of today are absorbed by their smartphones and other handheld devices more than anything else; so, in between all that facebooking, twittering and instagramming, direct their attention to the following educational apps that will have their brains jumping for joy – or at least thanking them for a brief respite from the clutches of social media!

iMathematics Pro

This great educational app contains over 70 mathematical topics with clear and simple explanations to help your teenagers with any areas they may be struggling with. Users will be able to learn, test and revise their maths skills, solve exercises and practice with an interactive calculator, fraction approximator and equation solver. Work can be saved and students can also add their own personal notes. A must for maths enthusiasts and not-so-enthusiasts alike.

Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation

The Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation is ideal for students who need to revise complex grammatical terms or improve their punctuation and writing skills. This educational app provides over 250 grammar and punctuation rules with clear explanations and detail about usage. With frequent use, your teenagers will never be confusing troublesome terms like ‘may’ and ‘might’ again!

CGP Test and Learn GCSE Science Apps

CGP has got the sciences covered with five awesome apps covering GCSE Core Science, Additional Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each app is packed full of multiple choice questions and explanations to test users’ knowledge and all the topics are geared towards the main exam boards: AQA, Edexcel, OCR Gateway and OCR 21st Century. There are games as well and users are able to track their progress and earn achievement awards. This app will certainly add a fun new dimension to science revision!


With 13 languages to choose from including French,  Spanish and German, this educational app will make learning languages fun and accessible.  The app has over 2000 words per language and each word is accompanied by images and pronounced for users by native speakers; it also has integrated speech recognition so users can practice their pronunciation. It’s ideal for students who struggle to learn vocabulary.

Historia World

Get your teenagers to test their knowledge with this fun app.  Historia World is a quiz to see how much users know about world history. Easy to navigate, users will need to pinpoint the date of the historic events of the selected categories and the closer they are, the higher their score will be. A quick and thorough way for teenagers to brush up their historical facts!

All these apps are compatible on all devices; enjoy!

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