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154 metres has now come good for us!

A little update to my post at the end of April: I arrived home last Friday night to find a letter on my doormat from the Tri-Borough Admissions Team saying that due to a withdrawal, our first choice school could now offer my son a place. What a surprise!

You would have thought it would have been a no-brainer decision to accept this offer, but as it turned out, we spent the weekend bashing out the pros and cons of both schools. It was fascinating to see how our minds had become settled on our second choice school and how much we had decided we were pleased with that outcome.

However, we eventually settled on rejecting our second choice and going with our first choice school. Decision made! It was then a question of telling our son of the change: but luckily he was chuffed he would be wearing a blue sweatshirt instead of a red one. If only all negotiations were that straightforward.

[We did wonder what family turned down a place at our first choice school so that my son could be offered it…What was better than their child going to this school? Were we missing something?!? It could obviously be something as simple as a family moving out of the area, but whichever way we looked at it, their loss was our gain.]

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