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Our tips on surviving exam season

14. revision

The exams are upon us! Whether you’re revising for your end of year school exams, your GCSEs or A2 levels here are our tried and tested tips on surviving the exams and doing the best you possibly can with the time you have:



  • Always look up keywords and make a mini dictionary of meanings so I’m not caught off guard by any words/questions I don’t understand.
  • Look up past exam papers and look at the similarities. I always concentrate on the stuff I don’t know rather than keep practising the things I do know.
  • Listening to music while studying helped me concentrate. I was always distracted by complete silence at home!



  • I never revised in my bedroom, far too many distractions! Find a library, empty classroom, quiet park or café instead. If you do have too though, stay away from your bed!
  • Take regular breaks every hour (around 15 minutes is good) it will help keep your concentration levels up. It was always good to have a change of scenery, even if it was just another room of my home!
  • Colour coded Revision notes. It always helped me to organise and consolidate key points.



  • Recognise when you are stressed or tired and not taking anything in – take breaks and do one enjoyable thing a day so you have something to look forward to – go to the cinema or dance about your room with some music on.
  • I found putting notes up on doors around the house really useful to remind myself of smaller bits of information, such as dates, quotes and names.
  • I use to set an alarm every 30 minutes to work through different revision topics which helped me concentrate better.


For further ideas to relieve exam stress you could also try micro pigs, screaming or bouncy castles!

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