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My job is a very pleasant one

It’s now coming up to my 7th anniversary tutoring for Osborne Cawkwell. All this time my ‘day-job’ has been as a class teacher of maths and statistics in an independent 6th form college. I enjoy making time in my (very busy) schedule to tutor individuals as well. Happily, although I have no idea how this miracle occurs, they are almost always serious about their studies and keen to learn. So my job is a very pleasant one – it feels as much like being a personal trainer or coach as simply a teacher of my subject material.

I enjoy the variety of age ranges and levels, which can go from kids preparing for their 13+ up to university students struggling with degree modules. This summer, I have been keeping my hand in hand in with a bit of tutoring: a 15 year-old from Siberia who came to London to do intensive SAT preparation in advanced maths, a lad transitioning to 6th form who wanted to get ahead of the game as he prepares for fast-track maths at A-level, and a 12 year-old whose sister passed me on to her younger brother after completing her GCSEs. She, although very insecure and pessimistic, turned out to be some kind of genius, recording 8 A*s and an A in her recent GCSEs. To my dismay the only A was in my subject, maths. I felt terrible that I’d let the side down and spoiled her clean sweep of A*s. But she and her family were fantastic: “No, Nick, without your teaching she would have struggled to get even a C.” Oh well, a good outcome after all.

Nick Sowicz

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