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The Tutors’ Association

On Tuesday evening, Shirley and I attended the launch of The Tutors’ Association (TTA), an initiative first mooted by the Centre for Market Reform in Education but made a reality with the help of six tutoring agencies.

When the idea of an association was first put to us, we were cautious. Recognising from the start that there were no ‘official’ guidelines about how to be a tutor or run a tutoring agency, we have endeavoured to run Osborne Cawkwell according to clear, transparent and exacting guidelines that would stand the test of close scrutiny. So when faced with the proposition of an association, we just weren’t sure it was necessary.

We already had a very good reputation so did we need an association’s stamp of approval? Would an association lay down rules and regulations that would be time-consuming and expensive to fulfil? There was also the potential friction between tutoring agencies and individual tutors – could an association cater for both parties without compromising either’s autonomy?

However, as time passed, we came to the conclusion that an association could help raise awareness nationwide of the tutoring industry and what we stand for. It could help to reassure the general public that those involved were working in the best interests of students and also ensure that those agencies or tutors involved in bad practice would be left by the wayside. And that perhaps these few points were far more important than our initial concerns.

So when James Croft of the CMRE contacted us to ask if we wished to join the TTA as Corporate Members we were very happy to sign on the dotted line.  This is the start of a new era for those of us involved in tutoring: an era when our industry is no longer considered an underground, covert operation, and we finally get the recognition we deserve for the invaluable work we do supporting students and parents across the country.

To find out more about the association… http://thetutorsassociation.org.uk/

Lucy Cawkwell

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