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Dr Scott Normand

Dr Scott Normand

Philosophy Tutor

Dr Scott Normand has helped prepare many students for their exams in Philosophy and Theology.

Scott has been the sole home school tutor for an A level student. He taught her the whole of the course content; how to write essays in philosophy and the best exam technique, as well as how to revise. She achieved an A in her exams.

In addition, Scott is very well versed in the content of different exam boards, including the Cambridge Pre-U, AQA and OCR.

He was the private tutor to a student undertaking the demanding process of a philosophy Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) for the Cambridge Pre-U.

Scott tutored him over the course of a year, teaching him how to research, write as well as structure his essay. His EPQ was recognised as an excellent essay and he was accepted to Oxford University, going on to achieve a D1 in Philosophy and Theology.

Scott has been a private tutor to several students with both social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. He has successfully supported those with ADD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

Dr Scott Normand also lectures in philosophy at universities around the country.

“Scott tutored my daughter through philosophy A level from scratch and in the space of a year. I am pleased to report that she was awarded a Grade A. No small achievement given the time scale as well as the complexities of the subject. A huge part of this was thanks to Scott’s excellent tutoring.”

Mrs S, London

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