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Sara Bielecki - French Tutor

Sara Bielecki

French Tutor

Sara Bielecki has worked extensively as a French private tutor for the past twelve years. She provides private tuition to students from Primary school right through to Undergraduate level at University.

Tutor Experience

Sara has taught over a dozen students under the age of 11. From excited 5 year olds to studious 11 year olds preparing for exams.

She has been a French private tutor for students sitting the 13 Plus Common Entrance exams to top day and boarding schools in the UK. Sara ensures that the grammatical foundations are solid and the vocabulary acquisition program is in place before embarking upon past papers and the oral presentation.

As well as GCSE French tuition Sara also provides A level French tuition and Pre-U French tuition.

Sara was a GCSE tutor to a student who loved the language but was demoralised by the difficulties of grammar. The student found it hard to flourish in a school environment. This, combined with dyslexia, then led to a severe lack of confidence and a C grade in an internal examination. With Sara’s GCSE tuition they went back to basics, creating a set of grammar notes that were designed for her to clearly understand, along with frequent vocab tests of her problems words. All of her efforts led to an A*.

She has provided A level tuition to over 70 students. As a French tutor, Sara helps students with anything and everything. From the perils of the subjunctive, to the prospect of undertaking in depth research for the oral topic, to unpicking existentialism in L’étranger.

Sara Bielecki has also been a home school tutor for students who are out of mainstream education. She acts as both private tutor and mentor to her home school tutees. Sara supports their learning across the board whilst in home education.

SEND Tutoring

Sara has also worked with dozens of students with Special Educational Needs. From those with dyslexia (from mild to severe), to those with ADHD. Sara also has experience tutoring students with mental health needs including depression, anxiety, anorexia and OCD. She always takes good care to consider how a student’s needs differ as well as how to offer the best possible guidance.


“Sara has been nothing short of masterful. Within two sessions she built a great relationship with our son as well as help him change his view of French as a subject. His performance turned around from ‘Unsatisfactory’ as rated by his school to achieving an ‘Outstanding’ in his Common Entrance.”

Mr D, North London

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