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Pan Xue - Maths Tutor

Pan Xue

Maths Tutor

Pan Xue is a full-time professional Maths tutor, and loves his work passionately. To him, private tuition is not only about helping students achieve good grades, but also about guiding them to learn for themselves. He believes the key is to make learning interesting. Pan’s lessons focus around the active needs of the student, instead of traditional spoon-fed teaching in which students are required to memorise and regurgitate information.

Pan has worked as a private tutor with Osborne Cawkwell Tuition since 2010 after graduating with a BSc in Chemistry from Imperial College, London. In 2018, he became a qualified teacher with a PGCE through Oxford University.

Tutor Experience

He has provided Common Entrance tuition and school specific entrance Maths tuition for students applying to schools such as: Oundle, Tunbridge and Radley College.

One of Pan’s students found 13 Plus Common Entrance Maths especially challenging. He also struggled with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and low self-efficacy. Pan began by increasing the student’s confidence in Maths, encouraging him to solve complex problems independently. Pan followed this with tailored revision and Common Entrance tuition which expanded and consolidated his Maths skills. Before the 13 Plus Common Entrance examination, they worked together to personalise his exam technique. He approached his exams with confidence and was accepted into Eton College.

As a GCSE Maths tutor Pan Xue ensures his students have a firm grasp of mathematical tools, but more importantly, the independent and flexible application of those techniques to solve complex problems. He has years of GCSE tuition experience working with students across examination boards such as OCR, AQA, Edexcel, and CIE.

Recently Pan supported a bottom set GCSE Maths student with a grade 4 prediction. His lack of confidence was exacerbated by moderate Dyslexia and low self-esteem. In a year of weekly GCSE tuition, Pan helped him master Maths techniques he previously thought impossible. Combined with practice, challenge, and encouragement, the student began to enjoy Maths and became very capable at problem solving. With Pan as his GCSE tutor, he was entered for the Higher tier exam. He was the only pupil in his set to do so. The student achieved a 8 at GCSE, much to the surprise of his parents and teachers.

Tutor Ethos

With Pan’s approach to private tuition, his students often tackle hard topics with curiosity, as opposed to shying away with anxiety. His most valuable teaching method is to help students develop their independent problem solving skills through logic and reasoning. He simplifies difficult concepts based on the understanding of individual students. After years of being a private tutor, he has encountered many different ways of learning. He strongly believes that no method is ‘the best’, because everyone has their own unique thought process.


“The first tutoring session I had with Pan Xue I knew he wasn’t like any other GCSE tutor I had been taught by before. He stuck with me, ensuring that whatever obstacles came up we pushed through them and achieved the results I needed. He has a refreshing approach to tutoring, tailoring his style to whatever worked best for me. I wasn’t engaged with learning and the exams were approaching quickly. He taught me the material in a streamlined way by practising past papers and making key notes, ensuring a high grade. I would describe Pan’s private tuition as “efficient and engaging”. For me, this made all the difference. There are a lot of tutors out there, but there is only one Pan. Speaking as someone who’s had many many tutors, Pan is without question, the best!”

– GCSE Maths student

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