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Olley Matthews - Science Tutor

Olley Matthews

Science Tutor

Olley Matthews has been a Science tutor since 2016. He teaches Biology to A level, Chemistry up to A level and degree level Biochemistry to medical students amongst others. He also tutors Biochemistry to students undertaking various projects as part of their life sciences degrees. For example, Biomedical Science.

Tutoring Experience

He has extensive experience tutoring KS1 Sciences up to A level. Olley is comfortable with all aspects of the subjects he tutors and knows which areas need to be understood perfectly to achieve top marks in exams. He also understands parts of the syllabus which simply require one-word answers and minimal effort.

Olley believes Science tutoring requires a lot of questions to be asked, both by the tutee and the tutor. He is always asking questions to work out exactly what his students know so he can iron out any misunderstandings and build a proper comprehension of the subject as a team. He encourages his students to think about the theory behind what they’re learning, so they can work out the answers in exams rather than relying on answers they crammed in a panic. Olley also thinks Science is much more visual than it’s given credit for, so he draws a lot of diagrams. He uses these as an extra way to engage with students and explain ideas.

Tutor Ethos

Olley Matthews is a relaxed person – he doesn’t believe people learn well in stressful situations, and so he is always happy to have a laugh, or go off topic for a minute if he thinks it’ll help his students concentrate better for the rest of the session. He is also a very patient person, which means he’s happy to spend an entire hour on a single idea if that’s what is needed. Olley has spent enough time tutoring Science to know that some concepts just don’t work in some people’s heads. So he is always comfortable spending time working on something from different angles if it helps the student.


“Olley has absolutely transformed our daughter’s confidence in Science and has been brilliant at explaining things clearly. She has really enjoyed the lessons.” 

– Mrs A, London

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