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Mitchell Byrne - 13 Plus Pre-Test Tutor

Mitchell Byrne

13 Plus Pre-Test Tutor

Mitchell Byrne has been a professional private tutor for seven years, working in Oxford, London and Paris. In this time, he has amassed over 10,000 hours’ tutoring experience. He has taught students of wide-ranging abilities in subject support, entrance exam and home education capacities.

Tutor Experience

Mitchell is an 11 Plus Pre-Test and 13 Plus Common Entrance specialist private tutor. A great number of his students achieve top marks in their exams and gain entrance to the country’s most exclusive schools. In the last few years, Mitchell has helped students gain offers from the following day schools: City of London, Francis Holland, Godolphin & Latymer, Highgate, Hampton, Harrodian, King’s Wimbledon, Latymer Under, Latymer Upper, Notting Hill, St Paul’s, St Paul’s Girls’, St Paul’s Jr, St Philip’s, UCS and Westminster; and he has helped students gain offers from the following boarding schools: Bloxham, Bradfield, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Downe House, Dragon, Eastbourne, Eton, Harrow, Lancing College, Marlborough, Milton Abbey, Radley, Roedean, Sherborne, St Edward’s, St Mary’s Calne, St Swithun’s, Stowe, Summer Fields and Wycombe Abbey.

One student made applications to all the top day and boarding schools in the UK. Mitchell undertook the year-long project, beginning in the September of Year 5, to prepare her for the 11 Plus ISEB, 11 Plus CAT-4 and 11 Plus CEM exams, all of which were sat contemporaneously. This required a great deal of juggling, strategy as well as forward planning. All of which paid off as the student received offers from Wycombe Abbey, Cheltenham Ladies’ College and Marlborough, among others.

Pre-Test Tutoring

Many of Mitchell’s students come to him after a first, unsuccessful attempt at the 11 Plus Pre-Test. One such student was unsuccessful in his first attempt at the ISEB 11 Plus Pre-Test, targeting Radley, St Edward’s and Bloxham. Mitchell prepared him for a 12 Plus ISEB re-sit in addition to his Year 7 CAT4 exams. He worked hard to raise the student’s performance and then to prepare him for interview assessment days at these schools. In the end, the student was offered places by all three schools and chose Radley.

Another student faced a similar situation, having been unsuccessful in his first 11 Plus ISEB Pre-Test attempt. Mitchell prepared him for 12 Plus application to City of London School for Boys where he achieved an offer. Mitchell also assisted him with his 13 Plus Common Entrance examination, providing tuition in: Maths, French, History and English. The student achieved As and Bs across the board, and Mitchell continues to privately tutor him in these subjects while he prepares for his GCSEs.

SEND Tutoring

A great number of Mitchell’s students have Special Educational Needs (including dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and Asperger’s). A greater number are low-performing students, who learn to focus and unlock their potential with the help of one-to-one support. Mitchell takes a holistic approach, isolating areas of weakness and instructing techniques that build confidence and passion, as well as encourage autonomy.

One student was extremely nervous when Mitchell first met him. Severely dyslexic, he struggled to express himself adequately on paper. He also had particular difficulty digesting and applying knowledge. Mitchell used several different strategies to help him with his Common Entrance examination, including explaining the majority of the Mathematics syllabus using outdoor activities like golf and cricket. His confidence greatly increased, he was successful in his exams and is now a flourishing pupil of Milton Abbey.

Tutor Ethos

Mitchell Byrne is a private tutor because he believes tuition is an essential aid to in-class learning. It enables students to blossom; it bolsters their self-esteem and makes them valuable contributors to their class as well as their school.


“The boy who walked into the interview yesterday was a different boy from the one a year ago. Everything that Mitchell has done with him has had huge value; we do not regret a single penny spent and are hugely grateful and thankful. If only every child could have an hour with Mitchell Byrne every week!”

Mother of a Pre-Test Student

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