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Jane Jones - Politics Tutor

Jane Jones

Politics Tutor

Jane Jones has a First-Class degree in Social and Political Science from the University of Cambridge, two Masters degrees and a Doctorate in Philosophy.

Tutor Experience

Jane began her teaching career in EFL at eighteen. Since 2001, she has worked as a Politics tutor, teacher and lecturer for top London tutoring agencies. In addition, Jane works as a freelancer and in universities in the UK and US. 

She has provided private tuition to students aged from 5 to 25. Her students are from a wide variety of backgrounds, and with an enormous range of educational and emotional needs. Over the last few years Jane has focused on working as an A level Politics tutor. She is also a private tutor to students taking the IB Diploma, in addition to those in home education.

As an A level Politics tutor she has worked with a wide number of students. In some cases, Jane has provided home education through the whole syllabus over the course of a year, or more. Jane’s A level tuition is thorough, ensuring students understand the material and know how to apply it to examination questions. In other instances, Jane’s A level tuition supports students in the last few months with revision, timetabling, and exam technique. Some Special Educational Needs students needed further support in order to ensure they fulfilled their potential.

Jane has a great deal of experience as a Politics tutor for University students. She pays particular attention to helping students develop their research and writing skills. A great deal of University support is provided through online tuition to students based around the country and abroad. Jane is adept at online tutoring as she lectures at universities in the US.

Jane Jones has also worked as a youth worker supporting students from immigrant communities at an FE college in East London. She has a Certificate in Counselling Skills from City Lit College. When Jane isn’t providing private tuition, she spends the majority of her time working on her own writing projects. Her focus is applying her expertise in feminist philosophy to contemporary political and cultural issues. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, New Statesman, and PopMatters amongst others.

Tutor Ethos

Jane believes the key to being a successful private tutor resides in the quality of attention one gives to one’s students. It is, above all, about empathy, and encouragement.


“Jane tutored and mentored our son in Politics during his last two years at university after he failed his second-year exams. Our son has Dyslexia as well as severe concentration problems. He had been very badly taught at school, so you could say that Jane took the job on from scratch. At the time Jane began tutoring our son it was looking likely that he would have to drop out of university. His self-confidence was at rock bottom. Now, at the time of writing, our son is in the middle of his finals and we have just heard that he has achieved a first in his dissertation. There is no doubt that without Jane’s help our son would not have been able to complete his degree.”

Mrs C, Sussex

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