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Gavin Fiddler - 13 Plus Pre-Test Tutor

Gavin Fiddler

13 Plus Pre-Test Tutor

Gavin Fiddler has tutored with us since 2017. He is an empathetic and enthusiastic tutor with over 3000 hours of teaching experience. As part of his commitment to the tutoring profession, he is an active member of its regulatory body, The Tutor’s Association. Furthermore, he is a keen believer in lifelong learning and has recently completed a part-time master’s in Literature and Arts at Oxford.

Parents have consistently commented on Gavin’s ability to inspire and build excellent rapport with their children. In all of his lessons, Gavin endeavours to find a balance between developing exam proficiency and cultural literacy. In our rapidly developing world, Gavin believes that it is important for educators to ensure that a liberal education does not fall by the wayside.

Gavin Fiddler has extensive experience preparing Year 6 students for the Independent Schools Examinations Board 13 Plus Pre-Test. Several of his students have gained offers to the leading public schools such as Westminster and St. Paul’s. He is comfortable teaching all four subjects of the ISEB Pre-Test and particularly enjoys the supplementary preparation for interviews and compositions at this level.   

He has also gained experience in developing strategies for teaching Dyslexic, Dyspraxic and Dyscalculic students.

“F’s mother was really pleased and remarked that everything went well… F. was very positive and said Gavin was helpful” (ISEB 13 Plus Pre-Test)

“Gavin was perfect and I would definitely recommend him. R has said that he teaches better methods than he learns at school, and he has really gained confidence. R’s words were that Gavin was very informative and helpful. R enjoyed the classes, and I also noticed a huge improvement in a short time.” (ISEB 13 Plus Tuition)

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