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Alice Groome - Special Educational Needs Tutor

Alice Groome

Special Educational Needs Tutor

Alice Groome defines her teaching style as “fun, kind and confidence boosting.” She qualified as a Primary school teacher from The Institute of Education and has 10 years of classroom teaching experience.

SEND Tutoring

Alice later qualified in teaching Specific Learning Difficulties and moved into SEN teaching. She believes that children learn best when they have plenty of opportunities to explore, talk, play games and practise new skills. Her one-to-one SEN tuition is varied, target-focused and use multi-sensory activities to teach new concepts.

Following Alice’s interest, and subsequent qualification, in teaching children with SpLDs she held the position of SENCO at Broomwood Hall school. In this role Alice became familiar with a range of Specific Learning Difficulties and how best to teach these children to ensure effective learning that sticks, as well as rebuilding and maintaining high levels of confidence. Alice taught children ‘targeted’ lessons in spelling and phonics where dyslexia meant they needed a different approach alongside classroom teaching. She also taught children maths where there were significant gaps in understanding either due to dyslexia, dyscalculia or maths anxiety.

Alice Groome has also prepared small groups of children and individuals for the 11 Plus. Children were applying for London day schools, including: JAGS, Streatham and Clapham High School, as well as out of London boarding schools; Benenden, Woldingham and Sherborne.


“Alice Groome taught my daughter at Broomwood Hall Prep school over several years. Initially she was our daughter’s form tutor in year 3. She subsequently helped her with learning support in Maths and English from years 5 to 8, on a one-to-one basis.  Our daughter has Dyslexia and found Alice’s teaching and support invaluable in helping her prepare for senior school. In her own words, our daughter says that Mrs Groome made Maths “fun”. She was always a “positive, happy and excellent” teacher.”

Mrs. F, London

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