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Maciej Jach

Maciej Jach


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Whether your child needs top grades, to get into their chosen school or simply do their best, we’re here for you.

Maciej Jach has spent almost 11 years working in accounts. From his first job as an office coordinator, to working in the accounts department at a leading law firm; Maciej thrives off broadening his knowledge and expertise.

He has worked for Osborne Cawkwell Tuition since 2011 providing support and expertise in the field of finance and credit management throughout continuous development and growth of the business.

His key responsibilities include preparing financial reports and budget forecasting for senior management, as well as being in charge of accounts receivable and payable.

Maciej Jach liaises with our sales team and with tutors to ensure an efficient billing process, responding to client enquiries and coordinating payment transactions on a daily basis. He actively participates in setting up and reviewing our credit management policies and monitors the company’s compliance with the relevant standards and legislation.

“I have been using Osborne Cawkwell Tuition for over 10 years and have come across the most amazing tutors to help my children from Common Entrance up to A Levels. With 8 children going through the school system Osborne Cawkwell became my most trusted backup.” SL, London

We are friendly, passionate and professional people with a significant depth of experience and expertise who ardently strive to offer you a personalised service.

Contact Maciej on maciej@octuition.co.uk

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