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Private Tuition and the Coronavirus

As we move into uncharted territories with schools closed to the majority of students and public exams cancelled this summer, I reassure you that we are still very much open and working hard to support you, your children and the tutors on our books.

Online tuition: proven results
Tutors have been teaching online for years so can still support your children even though they can’t visit your homes. From the years of experience we have had, we’ve found:

  • Online lessons are engaging and interactive
  • Tutors have become adept at creating trusting relationships remotely
  • Working with a tutor online will help give structure to a school day at home
  • Tutors can monitor your child’s classwork as well as fill in gaps

No introduction fee for the next four months
We are not charging an introduction fee for any new tutor requests from now until the end of July.

Looking ahead from GCSE and A level
For GCSE students, this time is the ideal opportunity to consolidate GCSE knowledge and embark on the A level syllabus. For A level students, it is a wonderful chance to hone essay writing skills before a degree – or perhaps explore an area of interest such journalism or conversation.

Wondering what’s best for your child?
I and my team have always enjoyed speaking to clients in depth about their child and how we can help, so please do call –  or email – if you are wondering how best to navigate this tricky time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Over 20 years of tutorial excellence

Osborne Cawkwell Tuition specialises in the introduction of private tutors by the hour in London, and residentially in the UK and abroad. We carefully match the right tutor with each student, allowing them to flourish and succeed.

Our wealth of experience and passion for education combine to offer you an outstanding service – we care about each student and we also care about each tutor. We are dedicated to creating and fostering excellent relationships.