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Here for your child

We have curated a hand-selected & carefully vetted group of around 150 expert private tutors in London and the UK.

Whether your child needs to achieve top grades, a place at their chosen school or simply do their best, we’re here for your child.

Welcome to Osborne Cawkwell Tuition

What people are saying...

“Our experiences with Osborne Cawkwell have been seriously impressive on all levels. We could not have managed our situation without their expert help”

Mr Johnson - Kensington

“We have been regular users of OC for 6 years for our 4 children and have found that the quality of tutors has been uniformly high.”

Mrs Smith - Hammersmith

“Our experience with Osborne Cawkwell Tuition has been seriously impressive on all levels. We could not have managed our situation without their expert help.”

Mr & Mrs T, South London

“The quality of the tutors is unparalleled and it offers great value for money. The service is attentive and always caring.”

Mrs SD, London

You’re in safe hands

We are friendly, passionate and professional people with a huge depth of experience who ardently strive to offer you a personalised service.

We’re known for being the friendliest tutoring agency in London. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands.

You're in safe hands

The Good Schools Guide

Tutors pay tribute to the way they are nurtured and valued, and a happy tutor is probably a good one. Clients praise Osborne Cawkwell for being ‘reliable’, ‘consistent’, and ‘second to none’.

‘The care, the follow ups and the totally child-centred approach combine to make for a completely targeted and supportive service quite unlike any other,’ says one. ‘They’re utterly marvellous – I’ve had lots of practical advice and tutors of an extremely high standard,’ comments another.

The Good Schools Guide

We’d love to work with you

We work with students from Reception to Year 13, from those who are really struggling, to those who just need a gentle top-up.

We’d love to work with you and your child to ensure that their needs are more than met.

Our Expertise
Hand-selected tutors

We cherry-pick our private tutors from hundreds of applicants a year, and carry out a thorough recruitment process.

Experience and dedication

500,000 tutoring hours supported since 2000.

SEND & Mental Wellbeing Support

We have a Special Education Needs Consultant and a Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach who offer an extra level of support, if needed.

A considered and personalised service

I’ve purposefully kept my expert team and experienced private tutors in London and the UK to a personable number. We deliver a considerate and personalised service best suited to your child’s situation and circumstance.

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